Just Like Me – Will C

Just Like Me

Will C

Anyone can tell his story of the miseries of alcoholism. He can tell of the horrible and embarrassing things that were done under the influence of alcohol, the effects of alcoholism on family, friends, coworkers, and other loved ones. He can tell of the unimaginable hurt, but I want to tell you about the solution.

Recovery started for me after going to jail again. I got on my knees in jail and asked for help or death. I’m thankful that I got help. I walked from jail at 4:30 a.m. and went to University Hospital. I told the person on duty that I needed help. I stayed overnight at University. The next day these wonderful people got me a bed in JADAC (Jefferson Alcohol and Drug Abuse Center). In JADAC I got my first taste of what recovery would be like. It was one of the most life changing experiences I could hope to imagine.

First and foremost I had to admit that I was an alcoholic. This is not an easy thing for most of us, but unless we make this admission we are doomed to all of the pain and misery this malady brings on our lives.

I stayed in JADAC for 22 days and was introduced to AA for the first time in my life. I was 58 years old. It took me until this age to finally admit that I was an alcoholic and could not quit without help.

The people at JADAC suggested that I go to a half-way house. I wavered at first, but my way was not working, so I thought, “Why not try something else?” I chose The Beacon House. This is where I found a new way of living; one that I could never have imagined.

At The Beacon House I met men just like me. I went to recovery classes, 12-Step Meetings, and got a sponsor. My sponsor is leading me through the 12-Steps, and, to my surprise, these steps are not only helping me with alcoholism, but they are teaching me a new way of life, one which I never would have thought possible.

The Beacon House literally saved my life. All that they asked of me was to follow simple rules. It was a pretty good deal, my sanity and well being was given in exchange for following a path that was leading me out of hell into a world of peace, happiness, and sanity.

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