What makes The Beacon House “Different” ?

When the Beacon House was built with private funds in 1996, the visionaries who realized that Louisville needed an additional residential recovery facility also knew that this facility would be “different.”  And now, some 14 years later, the Beacon House is more than a residential transitional living facility for men.

The Beacon House is different due to the fact it was born out of the love:

Love is why the Beacon House has a place in the Louisville recovery community and why we strive to improve the services and assistance we offer to men who need a chance.  Love started the miracle that is Beacon House, makes it ‘different,’ keeps the doors open, and the keeps the mission alive. Board Member

Friday Night Meeting with the Board

The Beacon House Board of Directors feels that weekly interaction with the clients is important. Each week one board member hosts a meeting at the house to open the lines of communication with the clients. This “Q and A” allows the board to hear from the clients elements of the Beacon House that could be changed to improve their experience. In addition, outside members of Alcoholics Anonymous relate their story of recovery and hope.

Each month one board member is responsible to host the meeting. The board member will address the residents relating his or her story of “what it was like, what happened and what I am like today” on the first Friday of the month. Each subsequent Friday the board member brings in an outside speaker. Even though the Beacon House is an all-male facility, we want to include successful women in recovery in an effort to expose as many role models as possible to the residents.

In an effort to fulfill the mission of the Beacon House we feel it is vital to carry the message of recovery to the clients and show them that men and women do recover to be successful members of society. How they have done it is of the utmost importance. Board Member

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