Currently we have 40+ residents who are in various stages of recovery. Men come into The House with 3-5 days of being clean and/or sober. We’re often asked what the average stay for a resident is, and that is difficult to say. In staff meeting recently, we covered this topic. We want residents who are “pressing on toward the mark” of achieving sobriety and clean living. What does that mean? As best we could articulate it, if a man is not “working the program,” he should not be living here and will be asked to move on. On the other hand, when a man becomes a shining example of recovery, is looked up to by other members of the house, has a solid program of recovery, we also ask him to move on! Why? Well, we are a “recovery house” not a “recovered house.” We are a “half-way house” not an “all-the-way house.”

We want recovered men back out in the community living successful “full-way” lives, and we want them to be an integral part of the community. Everywhere we turn the entire Louisville community (indeed the entire state and nation) encounters recovered men. They are bankers and bricklayers, laborers and lawyers, doctors and dock workers. In short they are average, productive citizens.

The Beacon House looks forward to receiving new residents and returning recovering men to society. It’s a beautiful thing!

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