Definition of Half-Way House

Residential facilities for those in recovery from alcohol or drug abuse are called “Houses” – “Half-Way,” “Sober,” or “Recovery,” to name a few.   All of these houses provide temporary accommodations for varying lengths of time for ones who need special support in their journeys toward sobriety; however, the services offered by each type of house are different.

A sober/recovery house provides accommodations and asks residents to stay alcohol and drug-free while complying with the rules of the facility, which include participation in a recovery program.

A half-way house expects a higher standard of accountability from each resident, who has had treatment and is ready to begin next steps toward independent living.

A Drug & Alcohol Half-Way House is a transition or after-care house that is licensed by the state’s Department of Health Services and offers a safe and secure environment with staff coverage 24 hours a day.  It also has the following:

A half-way house’s goal is to enable its residents to ease the situation of addiction in steady increments by teaching them ways to live a full life in recovery.

Beacon House is Unique Because…

The programs at Beacon House work because Beacon House is more about teaching a way of living in recovery than it is about providing a place to live. Board Member

While living at the Beacon House, new residents will learn that the road to recovery means not only abstaining from drugs and alcohol, but also living a clean and sober life that encompasses an holistic, mind-body-spirit approach:

The residents, staff, and board of directors make up the Beacon House family, and while the size of the family may grow or diminish, we learn to succeed through experience, care, respect, and mentorship. Our collective goal is to see broken men become role models for others and contribute to the community. Staff Member

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